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I am a professional wedding photographer, how much does it cost to place a clients wedding photographs online?
It ultimately depends on the number for photographs you would like to make available to view. Please see our pricing structure for full information. There are no ongoing costs, we operate on a per wedding album basis.

How do I supply you with the photographs for the online wedding album?
Due to the file size of some photographs, we can only accept the photographs on a CD. This also gives you the scope to have a large number for your buyers to select from. We do not accept any photographs via email!. If you are local to our address, you are more than welcome to drop the CDís off in person!

How long are the photographs available to view for on the Internet?
We have set a period of 2 calendar months (60 days) that we make the photographs available for purchase. This is ample time for any wedding guests/friends to browse the gallery and select photographs to purchase. The length of time can be extended for a nominal extra fee.

Why is the wedding album password protected?
This is to ensure the privacy of the wedding subjects and prevent any misuse of the photographs. Only those with the password will be able to view the photographs. A password is required for all wedding albums.

How many albums are permitted for a wedding photographer?
You are not limited to any number either minimum or maximum. You only pay per album and there are no targets or requirements on our behalf.

Do you have a demo wedding album to view?
Yes, we have a fully working online wedding album demo available. Please contact us for access.

Can you protect the photographs from being downloaded and printed?
Yes we can embed a watermark on every photograph in your online wedding album. This will prevent anyone from printing off the photograph. You can have any text for the watermark, you will be asked for this information if you select this option.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of photographs permitted for each wedding album submitted?
There is no set minimum for the number of photographs per album. However we have an upper limit of 500 photographs. We feel that this is very large amount for any wedding photographer.

Who accepts payment for the photographs?
You do! We only present the photographs in an easy to order format. You will be liable to process all orders resulting from our photograph ordering services.

We are often asked the best way to use our services and to maximise the sales and reprint orders, this requires a little forward thinking on your behalf!

Obviously you know the wedding date and venue, when you have an account with us, we would have created your online webpage which allows access to the wedding albums. You can use this information to pre-print small business cards with the website address we supply and a password which will allow anyone who has a card access to the wedding photographs.

By placing these on the wedding tables and /or giving them out on the day of the wedding will generate a lot of extra income for you from selling reprints online to the wedding guests and those who generally do not even get to see the wedding photographs. (You would need to get permission from the bride and groom before you actually do this).

Then you will need to get the CD with the photographs on to us as quickly as possible, we generally work 7 days and strive to get the photographs online with a few hours of us actually receiving the CDís.

We will then confirm with you that the photographs are available to view and all systems are go for online ordering of the wedding photographs.

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