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The first step is to create your account by completing the form here. This will allow us to create your own section on our website for your wedding albums (donít worry we do all the work, you just send us the photographs on CD!) along with our Album Submission Form

We do all the Photograph uploading, resizing, thumbnail creation, watermarking and create your online wedding album! It is all included in the one low fee per wedding album CD!

We will then create your webpage (this can be based on your current website) or if you do not have a website, we will use our standard design. This will allow us to list your wedding albums and for you to give out the website address to the wedding couple, family and guests.

Your Website Page Template Design
Direct prospective buyers to your webpage, where they select
the wedding and enter the password for access.

View Wedding Albums by password only.
No viewing the Wedding Album without the password!

A password is required (supplied by you and then given to the happy couple to pass to whom they wish) to access each wedding album and only if the correct password has been entered will the wedding album be viewable. This is to protect the privacy of the photograph subjects.

Upon viewing the wedding album, all photographs are thumbnailed down the right hand side with a scrolling feature. This gives easy access to the viewing all the photographs in the album on the single page. Clicking on any of the thumbnails on the right hand menu will enlarge the photograph to the centre for better viewing. (Photographs can be water marked for print protection).

To order a photograph, all that is required is to click the button below the large image which corresponds with the size of print required, this is then added to a shopping cartí feature and also allows the user to continue browsing the wedding album and adding photos to the order list.

You set the prices and sizes of the prints that are available!

The buyer has the option to add/remove an unlimited number of photographs to the order list. When they have finished ordering, they can simply print off the list, write a cheque and post it to your address or if you accept credit cards, they can call you and make payment direct to you.

Your full contact details are displayed on all pages that are associated with your account. This enables you to take the order directly or if you prefer take payment by cheque/post.

Any order placed through this web site constitutes a transaction between the customer and the photographer who submitted the photographs to be published on the web site.

At Your Wedding Album, we do not take any payments or orders, this allows us to keep our costs low to enable us to offer this service to you. Payment for such orders will be made by the customer directly to the photographer.

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